Why Real Estate?

Why Real Estate?

Let’s dive in… I first became interested in real estate in High School. See, at the time, I was dating a girl for a few months and her mother had been working for Remax in Grand Rapids. I was younger and more impressionable, but to be fair… I was HOOKED on the things that she was saying. Granted, I look back on it now and realize she was only sharing the “good” side of the business, I.e. the commission checks, building client relationships, etc… But from then on, I yearned for more information.

Time went by, I broke up with my girlfriend at the time, lost touch with her mother, the agent, and I began bartending to pay for expenses and the upcoming college experience. Not saying I gave up on real estate at the time, but it definitely got pushed to the back burner of my life. Moving forward, college was okay, bartending put a lot of food on my table, but I wasn’t happy working at a bar indefinitely, so I looked to other options.

My boyfriend (Kyle) and I, bought our house about 8 months ago through a family friend, Rhonda Faber. Rhonda and her husband, John Faber, own Encompass -Realtors over in Holland, MI. It must have been all of the house searchings, lining up showings with Rhonda, and the excitement of moving that re-ignited my desire to learn more about the world of real estate.

Approximately three months ago, I had set up lunch with Rhonda to learn more about Encompass. I was fascinated, and I felt as though I finally knew what I wanted to do with my life. What could be more perfect? We got to chatting and looking more in to Encompass and the careers it had to offer. Safe to say I went home and immediately signed up for my real estate classes. Again, I was hooked.

About a month ago, I feverishly studied for my finals, and killed the real estate licensing exam! Soon after, I was blessed to sit down with Rhonda and John Faber and discuss my new career…

Now, here I sit today, beginning my new career at Encompass – Realtors. It’ll be a long road, but I see rewards and blessings down the entire way. It must be something about the relationships, co-workers, beautiful homes, oh and don’t forget about the flexible hours… The only thing that I know for sure? I’m home.

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