My Dream Book

The beautiful thing about working so closely with your friends is the relaxed atmosphere, always being pushed to be your best, and knowing everyone has your back. Here at Encompass, we work with a Dream Manager. This title is given to our friend, Julie. She works weekly with us to hold the team accountable for being successful and full of life. With that, we all fill out what we call out Dream Books. It’s mainly shorthand scribbles for all of the things that we want to accomplish. I have everything from charitable 5k’s written down, to bettering my patience level. Now, who would have thought that a couple weeks after writing these ideas down, I would accomplish two of them, and one without even knowing!

“Donate my time to a church in need this Holiday season”

This was an accidental accomplishment, to be fair. Nevertheless, I was still able to cross this off my Dream Book. The week of Thanksgiving, I got a call from a church in North Muskegon, that I had never even heard of. Apparently, my name was given to them as someone willing to volunteer time. So, I got a call from the Church asking for a few hours of my time to help prepare their Thanksgiving dinner. I obliged and ended up having a miraculous time talking with people I’ve never met, networking with future clients… Oh, and cutting roughly 200 apples for apple pies. Did I chop off a finger? SHOCKINGLY, no! Win. Anyways, the atmosphere was delightful, and I stayed longer than my assigned time, simply because I lost track of the time talking with everyone. This Holiday event is something I am already anticipating doing again next year. I’m very thankful for the opportunity and the new friends I made.

“Get over my fear of flying”

I’m 23 and I’ve never been on a moving plane. Sad? Yeah, I know. I only ever vacationed if we drove, I just never had the opportunity to fly anywhere. Also, the idea of being that high in the air in something so heavy gave me HARDCORE anxiety…. So, getting into it, last weekend was my boyfriend Kyle’s 26th birthday, and I wanted to surprise him however I could, even if it meant sucking up my own fears. A fellow Realtor with Encompass, complete with a pilot’s license, might I add… Suggested taking friends up to go sightseeing in a small aircraft. Well, I made it happen. Without Kyle knowing, I drove us to Ottawa Executive Airport in Zeeland, and his first response to my turning in the lot, “We are not going skydiving, and you won’t be going flying… What are we doing here.” Ha! Got em… 30 minutes later, after a brief meet and greet with our new friend and pilot, Roger Littlepage, we were off in the SMALLEST aircraft either of us has ever had the pleasure of being near. Well, an hour and a half of scenic views over Grand Haven, Holland, Zeeland, Saugatuck, Douglas, and more as well as some ariel maneuvres that made my stomach tighten just a touch, we couldn’t stop smiling the entire time. We both had the most fun we have had in a long time with ZERO issues. So now, my fear of flying has blossomed into a yearning to do it again, and again, and maybe a few more times after that. Goes to say, that our biggest fears can turn out to be our best friends in the end.



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