Real Estate – Part time VS Full time

It’s no myth that full-time workers accomplish more than part-time workers, generally speaking. When it comes to real estate, wouldn’t you want someone who is dedicated to giving you their all? By “all,” I mean more than your standard 8 or 9 hour work day, if they are full-time, that is. For a lot of agents, especially in the area of West Michigan, they are part-timers. I’m already sold on the fact I’d want someone dedicated full-time if I am trusting them with my home, money, and family. It’s not to say that part-time agents aren’t successful, they just usually lack the time aspect that full-time agents have.

That being said, keep this in mind when you are choosing a real estate agent. It makes a big difference to have someone readily available, especially in today’s markets where homes are being sold exponentially fast. For me, being full-time, I rely very heavily on my clients and friends for my finances.

Maybe it’s just me, but I am getting sick of trying to get ahold of agents who seem too busy to care about what you want, let alone stop what they are doing to take a phone call or answer a message. Granted, we all have to make our living, but with this… It takes a certain type of person to be a successful real estate agent. I do not go into a conversation with someone expecting to buy or sell their next home. I go into that conversation with an open mind and schedule ready to assist you, if and only if, you choose to work with me. I am a full-time agent because I like what I do. I like going to work and knowing that I will be helping others with important, life-altering, decisions, and being entrusted with their dreams, goals, and fears.

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